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Personalized Meal Plans

maria-mitova-2016In SPIDER SPORT we teach you how to eat healthy and to manage your food. However, our experience shows that a lot of people prefer to follow an exact meal plan. Some people do not have ideas for meals or cannot organize their grocery shopping. Others do not have time to prepare their own food. Most people are also unable to calculate the quantity that will satisfy their energy and structural needs while allowing them to enjoy the tasty, sweet pleasures in moderation. All of this makes it hard to follow the principles of right nutrition and undermines the achievement of your goals.

In order to help you deal with these difficulties, we offer the personalized meal plans designed according to your tastes, lifestyle and prescribed calories.

What do you get?

  1. A 7-day personalized meal plan with calculated quantities for 3 meals, sides, salads, desserts and drinks. The menu is very diverse and you can make combinations for a whole month.
  2. Caliper measurements of your fat and lean body mass and calculation of the recommended calorie consumption.
  3.  Calculation of the macronutrients proportion at each meal and and the end of each day.
  4. A list of sample meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special occasions, to-go options, desserts and snacks.
  5. Recipes for High-Fat Low-Carb specials
  6. Grocery list, recommendations for brands and grocery stores to buy quality products.
  7. Water – calculation of the quantity needed for your lean body mass and characteristics of the correct mineral composition.
  8. Vitamins and minerals – recommendations for doses of supplements, we have a hard time getting from the food.

Designing the menu takes 7 working days from the moment we receive all your information and the payment. You can see the prices here.

What are the benefits?

Your menu will be designed by specialists with over 15 years experience in the field of nutrition and health. From the daily communication with clients in our personal training studios we see the repeating mistakes you make – overdoing the fat, consuming hidden calories, difficulty measuring the right quantity, and incorrectly calculating the proportion between the fat, proteins and carbs.

A personalized meal plan is a way to convince yourself that you can eat healthy and diversely with the right composition, quantities and desired tastes without being on a restrictive diet.

Who is the menu for?

– For people who have difficulty applying the principles of the right nutrition
– For busy professionals who do not have time to think up and plan their diet.
– For people living abroad or outside Sofia, who cannot benefit from the weekly mentorship of our personal trainers.
– For pregnant ladies and women, who need help in post-natal recovery.
– For kids with spine curvatures (scoliosis) who need quality structural material for the healthy growth of their skeleton.
– For people who want quick yet lasting results in losing body fat and building a strong, healthy and beautiful body.
– For elderly people.
– For people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis, thyroid gland problems and other socially significant diseases, which are influenced favorably by High-Fat Low-Carb nutrition.

How to order a personalized meal plan?

  1. Order a personalized meal plan at 0879 0888 09, via email at maria@spidersport.com or in SPIDER SPORT fitness studios in Sofia. You can pay cash, via bank transfer or PayPal.
  2. You will receive an online questionnaire, in which you will give us information about your tastes, habits and lifestyle.
  3. Call to make an appointment to get your measurements in SPIDER SPORT studios. If you are abroad and are unable to come to Sofia, please send us the following:
    – total body weight
    – body fat percentage
    – height
    – wrist circumference

Here are some sample meals

Breakfast: Runny eggs, bacon rolls with sour cream and “chubritza” spice, feta cheese with olive oil paste, veggies

Lunch: Beef Rib Eye steak with salad


Dinner: Moussaka with zucchini

Favorite of kids and grown-ups: Mizza – pizza with ground meat and eggs base, fresh tomatoes, bacon, olives and mushrooms: time for preparation and cooking 25 min.


Dessert: Cheesecake

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